Hebrew Pi 45 - The Kingdom Within


Hebrew Pi 45 - 557067498385054945885869269956909 - Sum 204

YeHoVaH, the shining plow that has ripped the ground, revealing The Tabernacle to be built inside of me.  Yehovah, the illuminated one, He reached down ripping the veil like a ram charging with head down over me.  The Tabernacle is filled with Apostolic might, the Kingdom within, His righteousness is our delight.

The serpent of old rejoices on this day for the blindness of men lost the Tabernacles and walked not along The Way.  Wandering like paupers, never seeing the light, only the West wall remains of what once consumed their whole lives.  Let this day be remembered, may Yehovah illuminate the minds of men, that they will hear Our Father, connecting Heaven with the Kingdom within.  Open their Eyes Daddy to the first fruit resurrected life.  Let the goat return as a lamb with a ribbon pure and white.  A sprouting root drawing from Torah, let the Mashiach come teaching all things, the secrets of The Kingdom, the streams of living water within.

The Tabernacle shall be built in the Kingdom deep inside.  Divided from the stones of men, the waring life outside.  Push against the pillars, renewed strength brings down the dome.  Unite The Kingdom within the Ark of the Covenant, the deep things found in The Tabernacle of the Mind, with the bread and the new wine, rejoicing each day as the Sabbath, veils lifted by The Ruach breathing upon our minds.

Remember Always that The Kingdom of Heaven is within, its Light is found at The Ark hidden in the darkness, awaiting to be opened, flowing its wonders upon the hearts of those that once heard the sounds of silence within.  I trust this day, the 9th of Av, you’ll see that all the sacrificed blood of old given before Him, should only now come from a living sacrifice and a loving heart, 

The Anointing of The Anointed One that beats within.

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