Hebrew Pi 61 - Glistening of the Well


Hebrew Pi 61 - 8658326459958133904780275900994657 - Sum 1220

Who helps the poor man in thru the Door?  Who is to gather His remnant and give them weapons of war?  YeHoVaH guides them as they fill the baskets raised on high.  An apostolic wisdom is what plows the fields outside.  Inside the Tabernacle, everlasting life is harvested and served as the bread of life, those things symbolic of the Sabbath Day, a Holy convocation for all time.

The Rich man helps the poor in thru the Door.  He plants the seed and revelation takes hold, a root thrusting thru the earth reaching for the depths of the soul.  They become yoked together and go plowing in the field, their cutting tool ripping open the ground revealing the deep connection that touched them before their birth from the womb.  Once a pauper and weak before being secured by the root of the seed,  now a bountiful harvest for the Ruach has given them eyes that can now spiritually see.

The glistening of the well used plow blade can now be seen as a reward and gives light to our path as we walk along The Way searching for the remnant once more.  Our baskets are full as we add to the remnant, Yea those found inside the Temple, Veils torn away, hands joined with Yahshua, perfecting all of Heaven a little more each day.  Some becoming apostles, others prophets, all with everlasting life and righteousness from His indwelling within.

The Time is at Hand Dear Friend!  Let the Remnant find The Way In.

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