Hebrew Pi 57 - Those First Coming Inside


Hebrew Pi 57 - 51252051173929848960841284886269 - Sum 225

The harvest time has come, let the baskets be filled.  The hoe and plow are now revealed as weapons of war upon the dust of the field.   Let us pound the pegs deep within the ground, securing the fence with strength allowing the narrow gate to swing that the remnant can come inside.   The Door now revealed before us, the depth of the Gimel revealing The Way inside.

The Logos is seen by the carnal mind, the natural meaning but much more is hidden deep inside.  The Rhema seen by the righteous ones, the ones given eyes that spiritually see,  as the reward unites them  they shine as with water across the sea.  They nourish the bride making her ready for the marriage chuppah at the appointed time.

The radiance that glistens across the water from the sky, feed the flock gathering them, protecting them, stomping serpents heads, crushing the evil within the carnal mind.  Humble servants connected to YeHoVaH, those that hear the mysteries then stand as pillars through the lightning, thunder and rain outside.  They cover there face with a veil before those first coming inside.  The Tabernacle of creation, where He reigns over the ark, the covenant now revealed deep within your mind.

Close your Eyes, Open your Mind, Invite Yeshua into your Temple let Him indwell deep within YOUR Heart and Mind.

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