Hebrew Pi 17 - The Crowning


Hebrew Pi 17 - 8602139494639522473719070217986094 - Sum  228 

The Apostles and the Prophets unite in Yehovah’s choosing.  A life that He has instilled with hearts that glow from the burning.  Their staffs of authority, an Apostolic gift, draw the living waters from the root of the oak that stands strong surrounding them.  

With veils over their faces, their ram horns of light radiate inside.  Their completeness binds the nourishment needed for that long camel ride.  They go forth and gather, connecting Heaven and Earth with light.  

Their weapon is His Word, a reward secured, in the Tabernacle of their Minds.  The blood and the wine reveal the 40 weeks of pregnancy are now complete.  The crowning and illumination are what connect Yehovah to the hearer, and those with eyes that see.  

The breath of the Ruach gently blows the hair now upon their heads.  The Connecting with Him secures their hands for healing, opening up The Door, raising the dead, laying waste to principalities and the rulers of darkness upon the earth.  

The Mashiach has come forth conquering and will conquer all.  By revealed teaching of the mysteries locked within all things, Yea the deep things in Yeshua’s Words, revealed NOW, The Light Upon the World Forevermore.

When things are in place they’ll be crossing the ocean for a Heart of Gold.

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