Hebrew Pi 56 - Resonate Within the Mind

Day55Spiritual Teachings

Hebrew Pi 56 - 797668145410095388378636095068006422 - Sum 1156

Out of the Pit evil has come, only by the double edged sword of the parable words of Yeshua can the evil be overcome.  He is The Door, the revelation is the unveiling of Him.  The righteous judge to rule, His angels the reapers of men.  Let the righteous ones unite!  Let them come outside manifesting His radiant light!  The liquid light of revelation that illuminates connecting Heaven to the earth.  The radiance found within the Tabernacle, the bride in her completeness, the ones now being birthed.

The Tabernacle is within, the radiance of The Kingdom of Heaven that comes from inside.  The place where treasures are heaped up, His rewards that resonate within the mind.  Come into the Tabernacle, the Tabernacle within your Mind, cut the veil with repentance let the Apostolic authority come and abide.  Come beneath the Chuppah for the wedding is about to begin, uniting us with everlasting, the breath of YeHoVaH on men.

You become the bride when The Kingdom of Heaven is found deep inside.  The walls are covered in precious stones and gold, all the veils pulled back, the remnant gathered, love everlasting, resurrection unto all time.  Your life is not your own, you are His wife, the completed bride.  Raise the baskets with thanks let the multitudes be filled and secured now with these revelations now deep within your mind.


Look deep within, do you have eyes that see The Kingdom that is hidden within?

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