Hebrew Pi 64 - Movement of the Connection


Hebrew Pi 64 - 990902640136394437455305068203496252 - Sum 436

A connection is made with Heaven, within those who share this unseen world with us.  They come piercing the veil looking for empty vessels, waiting to be filled with the presence and glory of YeHoVaH within us.  Yea, a longing to be filled with the presence of YeHoVaH.  We both exist in the moment, YeHoVaH’s presence, that home, a place filled with His love.  Our heart beats in the abundance of His blessing, the doorway to spiritual knowledge is where the new beginning binds us to YeHoVaH.  

Goodness and harmony with YeHoVaH mends a broken heart, draining out all its pain to be filled with His Love as at our birth.  Movement of the connection comes upon each and everyone, remember this, that our time here is short,  a means of atonement and reconciliation with YeHoVaH has been freely given as His blessing upon each humble heart.

Plow deep the row, let creation of the new man begin.  Become illuminated with YeHoVaH’s son Yahshua by the indwelling of His spirit.  First the budding of the flower then comes the fruit upon the vine, may each acorn cracked grow as a mighty oak inside.  The edge is surrounded by the glistening veils, Yea as the bride betrothed awaits the uniting within the Temple.

Was the connection made?  Does your heart sing inside?  Is your life everlasting filled with The Truth seen past those with veiled eyes?  Will you bang upon the door and only then hear His words?  The words that bring forth gnashing teeth and pain for you were never really re-birthed.  Open your eyes NOW!  Let the Tabernacle be revealed inside!  Put on the wedding ring, enter past the pillars, come in through The Door, a bride in her completeness, as a cloud above the Ark that is hidden deep inside.

What is holding you back from Heaven?  Is it the world, the love of Atlas and Babylon or other lies from our fathers that keeps you from going inside?  

The Way is revealed through revelation of The Word, through Him revealing The Truth upon Your heart as He did when You were birthed.  The Life is everlasting for The Kingdom of Heaven is within.  When He opens The Door of The Temple 

- Do YOU not Know YOU are the Temple of Yahshua? - 

and you remove your head as a sacrifice - Giving Up Old Ways of Thinking - leaving them upon the altar as pleasing smoke from the refining fire, then movement of the connection is made upon the molten sea, the next veil is pierced and the Holy Place is entered into for you now YOU have eyes that can SEE.  

The bread can now be eaten, the oil burns brightly on the Menorah at your side, you place incense upon the coals as the smoke rises up before your wide opened eyes.  

You see the flaming double edged swords, the veil now opened wide, revealing the Ark of the Covenant once more, The Glory of YeHoVaH that has been hidden inside.  The cloud radiates with thunder and lightning - the revealing of the mysteries inside - Mighty YeHoVaH transfigures US with the renewing of Our mind, that you can bring others deep, DEEP, within the temple of the Ark which is OUR mind.

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