Hebrew Pi 43 - Begins to Flow Through


Hebrew Pi 43 - 92726042992279678235478163600934 - Sum 475

A camel must carry what is bound along the humps in the hot sun outside.  A blessing to the poor, the rich man helps them to some shade inside.  Perfection is the reward, the breath of the Ruach upon men.  Revelation to see the things outside, the cutting tool circumcising the ears and hearts of them.  

Hook now the revealed revelation begins to flow through, an Apostolic anointing found deep inside of you.  The pauper with the basket, illuminated, connecting to Yehovah dear friend, giving the poor harvested food from the camel, now taking the family in the brightness of the Son found deep within.  

A secure reward, righteousness found by family and all those who entered in, Yeshua lifts the veil, Mighty Yehovah gives grace for repentance deep in the hearts of men.

Is it hooves of horses, hooves of camels or hooves of those being lead to the slaughter that you hear Dear Friend?

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