Hebrew Pi 51 - Ones Who Stand by The Door


Hebrew Pi 51 - 4816113611573525521334757418494 - Sum 167

The Apostolic nature, the bud surrounded by the leaves that blow in the breeze inside, give way to the acorns found upon the mighty oak, harvested food gathered from the heart and taken to the tabernacle of the mind.  The bride in her completeness, Yeshua’s wife now revealed during the harvest time. She fills the new wineskins with the sweetness coming forth from her Divine Love's Vine.

The ram stands by grazing with the paupers in the fields, some with cutting tools others with weapons, newly created from the nourishment of the meals.  Humble servants with power, ones who stand by The Door, rooted deep like the oak tree helping many through past the veils and in through The Door.

Strengthened by the basket, plowing up the reward, The Ruach is as the pillars that stand outside the tabernacle doors.  They tell of the Ark and its secrets that are hidden deep inside.  They speak of a new  covenant and it's revelation during our time.

Let not the bride be lead astray into the darkness.

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