Hebrew Pi 32 - Revelation of Torah


Hebrew Pi 32 - 327886593615338182796823030195203 - Sum 357 

Oh Mighty Yehovah creator of the Heavens and the Earth, surround us with your Glory, breath upon us as at our birth.  Tzaddik’s, the righteous ones, commune with you daily in the tabernacle of the mind strengthen us to do thy work for it is the appointed time.  

Oh Mighty Yehovah rain down upon us, let us illuminate by Your Words that come from deep within us.  We stand at The Door, our palm open, drinking revelation of Torah, resonating with power and completeness for all that have come before.  Let us be joyous in knowing all those that are to be gathered, saved from the pit, forevermore.

Let us stomp the snakes that slither past The Door, let the seed be broken revealing the Tabernacle once more.  Your breath is upon us as we go out to plow in the field, let us also be clouds that rain revelation upon those sown hills.  Let us worship in this connection, with the wind of Ruach upon our face.  Let us be outside as revelator’s to all the Human Race!  Let the Liquid light connect Heaven and Earth this day!  Let Yehovah’s son Yeshua be within us each and everyday.

I Love You for Everything You Do!

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