Hebrew Pi 44 - What is Found Inside

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The good blessings come from the hoeing of the field, blessings of abundance, no paupers seen amongst the mighty yield.  The Tabernacle of the Mind is illuminated by words within our heart, those words put there from Him.  Wholeness and Completeness are as bread and wine within.

Standing before the Tent of Meeting, the Tabernacle of the Mind, that place where the blood of sacrifice is poured out upon the precious bride, surrounded by the liquid light that connects Heaven to those of this time.  These are the weapons that are drawn and that divide, the flesh from what is found deep inside.  The blood placed upon the ear, the thumb and the big toe, all along the right side.  Rewards for Apostles and Prophets, those that reveal Torah and Truth at this appointed time.

The veils need cutting, this unites the hearer with Him.  Yehovah is revealed by the son, Yehoshua - the westerner’s Mighty Jesus, the mystery of the gentiles fulfilled.  Before the resurrection, hidden revelation was poured out upon men.  They walked in miraculous power as righteous ones with authority to remove what was binding with sickness upon men.  The Door is still opened to all that believe in Him.

What is Cooking in Your Soul Kitchen?

Come out of the Religious System that has blinded you from the whole truth!  Stand before the tent of meeting and let The Ruach teach you the deep things kept hidden until this time.  You MUST rid yourself of the World’s Way’s and it’s Religious Systems by the renewing of your mind.

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