Hebrew Pi 28 - Rain Down Rewards


Hebrew Pi 28 - 17766914730359825349042875546873 - Sum 278 

Look out across the horizon for those that Walk Along The Way.  A dawning of Apostolic light is seen as nourishment for this glorious day.  With cutting tools they divide in order that many can be gathered.  The harvested food opens our eyes that we might spiritually see what the world does not believe.  The tent of meeting now unites us as His light wills us to be.  Entering in we delight in what we can now see.

The Ruach haKodesh binding the tools within our hands, breathes nourishment into our minds, that we can trumpet a prophets message, for now is the appointed time.  A cloud we have become, raining on the masses that stand outside.  We rain down rewards, life and strength, grace to transform and kill the ego that reigns inside.

The Door now opened, revelation of Torah connects our Spirit & Soul - like Heaven upon Earth, for a millennium this time.  Apostolic weapons are now being drawn, removing flesh, circumcising hardened hearts and ears for now is the appointed time.  Pull back the veils, reveal the mysteries of the Kingdom of God that resonate inside, now and forever, Yea for all time.


Oh Mighty Yehovah, teach us your ways, those things we have come to adore. For you are the one that made the bottle with the heirship on a journey with you through out all time.

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